Overhauling Honeywell, Luminator, Kiote , Telefelx, Hoskins , BF Goodrich Lights. Don't see your light? Please call.


Overhauling Zodiac (Monogram), Rogerson, Weber, Adams Rite/Sabre,Yokohama, Envirovac, Kaiser, Kohler- Dayton


Ovens, Coffee Makers, Water Boilers, Espresso Makers, Trash Compactors, Liquid Containers.

Overhauling B/E Aerospace, Britax Sell, Aerolux, Zodiac (Monogram), TIA. Midwest A/C Products. We are always adding to our Capabilities

Servicing Components on  Boeing, Airbus and Executive Aircraft, CRJ Series




We are always committed to our customer's. We will go out of our way to work with you and your team to address problem areas you have on component repair. Additionally we are always adding line items and capabilities to help our future and current customer's.






Compliant with the Federal Aviation Anti-Drug and Alcohol misuse prevention program.